wow, i can’t believe i haven’t written in my blog in almost 3.5 years. i was rereading parts of it tonight and i am glad i did write back then. i’ve been thinking about writing again, now that i have ‘free’ time more. i am not going to bother going into what has transpire in the last 3 years but suffice to say it’s been the wildest roller coaster of my life. it’s always very interesting rereading about your life in the context of where you’re at now. hopefully, i can revisit a bit more of my past as i write more about the present state of being.

i am face with yet another big transition in life. a transition of less for sure. what was abundant before is no longer. even as painful the contraction is, somehow, i do believe there is a brighter side to it all. as cliche as it gets, even in the end of the world scenario, there is light at the end of the tunnel. for now, my light is my daughter. for the first time in my life, i experience what it means to have unconditional love. undoubtedly, it has push the boundary of what i know to be possible within myself. beyond love, there is the joy of childhood as i witness life through her eyes. it would seem that i lost so much of my childhood through faulty memory that i have forgotten what unadulterated joy is to a child. as much that it totally sucks that i am only seeing her half of the time, the bright side to that is even more presence when i am with her. I constantly remind myself how little time i have with her and make the most of it.