how long does it take for one to know if that person is the right one? the question may as well be as how long does it take to become enlightened? whether it takes a few weeks or a few years, it comes down to how well do you know yourself. obviously how well you know the other person is equally important but the fact is, if they don’t know their own nature, then your chance of knowing their nature is greatly diminished. so, it’s not surprising that more mature people fall in love in "quicker". i am all fine with falling in love in a quicker fashion but what has really caught me off guard is the responsibilities that comes with total love ™. total love as in i love you and your entire family as well.

it goes without saying that i am trying to embrace it all with a ‘bring it on’ kind of attitude but at the same time there’s a little voice in the back of my head whispering some unflattering thoughts. in reality my part in this great sea of change is fairly minor when i consider all the other people that will be effected by it. as much as most would consider my situation to be most fortunate, i still hold on to the concept that the double edge sword cuts both ways. nonetheless, i am rolling with it and tremendously excited for the future. undoubtedly next year will be a major turning point on many levels. although i am still slightly overwhelmed by the pace of everything, i am always the one preaching about how little time we have left, so bring it on.