there should be more moments like this, when you smile deep inside. too often days go by like minutes and it takes a hammer to force the experience into a vivid present moment. undoubtedly, her presence in my life has allow me to experience those precious moments over and over again. granted it may be due to the fact that we only get to see each other ever so often but regardless it does nothing to belittle it. from one unreasonable endeavor into yet another and to think i am still thinking small. btw, being that it’s the 500th entry, this is being dedicate to her. to think that 4 years ago, it was started because of the breakup. life continues to consume most of the wakening moment but at least there are intense continuous moments of contentment and excitement. one day, i would like to write a rather meaningful essay on the nature of her presence but for now, i simply content to adore her endlessly until insatiable is a meaningless concept. more than numerous occasions have my ego been squarely crushed in the name in love. whatever it takes to destory the ego, is what works for me.