we recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary at global corporate headquarter. it’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years, it seem only yesterday that we were cramped up in our apartment with employees coming to work. for the most part, i am slightly surprise that we are where we are but at the same time, it’s so far from where i think is possible. naturally i have to be patient with this process and just enjoy it more. although i work quite a bit on the ‘project’, i know it’s still a mediocre performance compared to the  hard core entrepreneurs. i tried to create some balance in it but invariably the balance was not quite really there. when there is nothing to go home to, then there’s no real reason to stop working. sure, i took vacations and play hard but generally, the every day was a ‘work’ day. it’s all changing pretty quickly, from within the organization to external forces that will allow me to experience a new stage of life. it’s not the nine yards of getting marry and having kids but it’s close enough for me. i need this change in my life. i’ve been in the bay area far too long and i have been talking about leaving for such a long time. and to be honest, i think the reason why i am leaving is better than any other reason then i have thought about. i  didn’t think that this reason was probable given my track record but somehow it it all works out in the end. from one dream into another.