it’s been a long time since i had a proper vacation but i had a pretty awesome one last week. it was nothing i’ve haven’t done before but the entire exercise was really about who you’re with. if the right lady and a hotel room with a bottle of white wine is all you need to break away from the routine. i was pleasantly happy to not have to think about work or even photography and just enjoy the presence of my company. i went to a new hot spring near portland (breitenbush) that had a similar vibe to harbin but at the end of day, harbin is still my favorite. nothing beats going into 110% hot springs that burn your wimpy ass and plunging into the a cold pool surrounded by the full glory of mother nature. most of the trip was unplanned so it was nice just go with the flow, but that did present some problems as we roam around from hotel to hotel looking for a place to crash very late into the night. like any vacation, it ended much sooner than that it should be but i think we played it ‘hard’ without forcing anything. work hard, play hard, pray hard and we shall sleep in peace.