to be quite frank, i don’t think i have anticipated anything this much for quite the longest time. maybe it was 5 years ago when i was looking forward to travelling in Asia for 2 months but it didn’t quite make nearly as giddy as i am now. i am trying to transform the experience into a positive phenomenon despite the natural tendency for instant gratification because i am always reminded of what’s missing. i am still a romantic sucker that prefers surprise communication and long letters but technology has made it far too easy for us to be connected. it’s not a bad thing, being about to communicate to each other on a daily basis but there is always an other side to the the picture. i feel like we connect on a physical presence better than the variety of technology enabled channels that we tend to rely on. again, it is neither our fault that we must boh deal with this barrier to communication but the weak do  after the first week. in so as much, i have to wonder the relative strength of our bonding. how strong is strong , what will the other do to manifest beyond the status quo.