it’s very difficult pick one album as a seminal favorite but i think after 10 years of appreaciation i have finally decided that that album is the moon and the melodies. every track on it just simply oozes with sublime and peaceful bliss. undoubtedly mr budd’s contribuation to this release is what takes this into the realm of godlike. i remember the first time i discovered at amoeba records in berekeley as a vinyl release. my roommate and i at that time would listen to it endlessly, even enjoying the very crackle of the medium. i think i was living on blake street at that time, a little studio apartment behinid the house of an old asian landlord name ms pearl. it was almost cute. too young and sensitive but different men listening to new age music will debating on who was going to get to sleep on the shitty roll up bed that we had pick up at a garage sale. so many wonderful memories with this album, even in painful states of substance induced mental euphoria and physical destruction. the funny thing was i was joking with mr budd the other week when he was working on his project with robin. it’s easy for me to forget how much i respect and admire their work and just treat like ‘normal’ folks. still, i think the important thing is to be inspired by the work to create your own interpretation of revelation. ‘art is the clothing of revelation’ – joe campbell.

sea swallow me – i think i can name this tune one note, two on a bad day. there is much sadness and hope in this song. a bittersweet farewell. a new beginning. the acceptance of change. the celebration of soul.

bloody and blunt – tender kisses on warm summer night with the moon at half crescent. the softly crashing sea is the lullaby of young lovers.

memory gongs – a long journey with quiet determination. a fading dream of a former life stenched with nostalgic overtones.

why do you love me – a whisper that undresses the spirit. a nibble that drowns the senses.

the ghost has no home – a countryside evening with distance laughter. as a rolling fog engulfs two lovers, a star is born. the moon reflections causes ripples in the pond of nourishment.

eyes are mosaics – strangers laughing at their own awkwardness for falling in love on a freight elevator.

ooze out and away onehow – letting go of the beauty of life and love buy only find more glory.