i am going on a week now with my current cough heavy sickness. i can’t recall the last time i’ve been this sick for this long. i’ve been thinking that i have been a fairly healthy astard for the past many years but i will have to rethink that one. either my age is catching up to me or eating at trader joe’s 10 meals a week. i swear i either eat too much processed shit or eat out way way too often. cooking these days involves using the steamer of the baby brocci and reheating orange chicken nuggets. let’s just say the routine is beginning to feel like a broken record where it gets annoying enough to throw the entire record out of the window. i am one of those types that do like to avoid medicine and listen to my body that i am working too much and eating like shit, hence this great sickness. it’s actually not all that bad but it’s put a considerable dent in the productivity. yeah, i know it’s pretty sad that the first thing i think about when i am sick is that i can’t work. get a life for fuck sake old boy. i can’t imagaine my life would be much difference in a place of meditation. anyway, the body is breaking down and i must respect this temporary vessel of gross matter.