red against cold green #trailrunning

it was only in 2011 that i did my first half marathon in oakland. i remember recently being turn on to the barefoot style of running and i was running the half in my vibram five fingers. For the first couple years after moving to the east bay, my running practice was mostly on the road and definitely more a form of exercise to manage stress. So, when i look back at this past weekend after completing my longest one day race, i mused at the slow progress i’ve made in the last 6 years. a part of me wants me to plateau at this level and not push myself to do the 50M Ultra. It’s been wonderful to push my zone of comfort and do longer distances but the time commitment and the addiction to that style of progress is bearing on me. I don’t have to prove anything anymore to anyone, especially myself. My intention was to train well enough so i can do long runs in national parks and see wonderful scenes beyond a day’s hike. So, i am there now and it’s time to just run to explore and take photos. I just need to figure out what the photo story is about as it’s the photos are just pretty images at this point.