refreshing but most likely short lived like my every other desire that has to do woman. as soon as i saw her last night, there was something that i was in love with but could’t exactly place it yet. but after some editing and scrutiny, i’ve decided that she looks like tilda swinton, hence my instant liking. it’s something about the andrgous and sharp facial features that tickle my fancy. also alien alike and scary in some respects but at the time, an elvish quality that is quite exotic. i gave her my card but i suspect that it’s pretty much a lost cause so the best i will have is one last entry about this delicious chick. if i actually trusted my radar, i would almost suspect that her friend like me more than she did. i feel like i can see it in their eyes when i look at the photos. i was thinking about my anti position about relationships today and i regrettably know that the harder i resist it, the harder i will fall. so, let’s not try too hard to resist it this year may be my new year’s resolution. we will see how this year pans out as i keep getting the strange feeling that it’s going to be super duper crazy. if she doesn’t call than i may have to break some knees at yoga tree.