i’ve been watching a lot of classic flims recently, mostly the black and white kind and of the foreign language persuasian. i figure back in the old days when special effects wasn’t all that then the directors would be force to focus on more interesting stories. i am sure there’s plenty of shit b&w films but my recent selection has been respectable and though provoking. first it was the seven seal and then tonight, through the darkly glass; both by Ingmar Bergman. apparently, the director had quite a relgious influence when he was growing up and the last couple of movies centered around those themes. naturally growing up in a very reglious setting seems to do wonder for rejecting the very institution that the parents so much would like to instill in their sons and daughters.

my brother had some first hand experience in this and i was wise enough to reject it without much protest from my father. nevertheless, it would seem apparent enough that one can’t merely reject something withou actually understanding why. without the why, we are still powerless as the merovicci coldly states. and so for x amount of years, we live life as an experiential teacher in our quest to find meaning. and so the wisdom of experience grows with some of us but then some of us realize that there is much more to experience than the time that is given to us. and so we devise more efficient strategies to arrive at the relative truth quick enough so that we are not simply left of the empty promise of truth as a concept. what does one do with the relative truth once we glimpse it and appreciate it for all it’s glory? can it manifest from the core of our being so that we become the light in these dark times? i’ve skip too many steps as usual but after a exhiralting yoga practice, i am at peace with myself again. for those that forgive me shall forgive themselves. and lastly, gratitude and rejoice to the close ones that puts a mirror in front of me to show how illustratious my mane has grown.