i watched a video recently about this guy that rode his bike from the northwest down to patagonia. in short, his message was routine rots away the mind’s joy of expression. it’s one of those half truths because it’s probably true for most unaware persons but maybe not so much for the advance self awareness people. being in between, my break from the routine for this year is epic trail run adventures. i’ve already eye two that i really want to do but given that i’ve sign up for a marathon this year, it may be my peak running year. probably not but definitely to date if my semi obsession doesn’t become more full blown. i think it interesting how my interest in trail running evolve. it makes total sense when i put it in the context of my life’s arc but i am surprised it didn’t come to light earlier. undoubtedly, EASY access to trails is definitely the biggest factor to transforming it to a habit. It could have just evolved to weekend warrior activity but the 5 minute access to nature makes all the difference. for the most part, there is a very primal drawn to the ‘sport’. it’s boils human exercise to it’s simplest and most primal form and wrap the primalness in nature and you primal bliss of sorts.