my first work assignment where i am using the RV as my base station and it’s perfect for an introvert lifestyle. i wasn’t sure how i was going to do it because the RV park was a tad far away from the the work venue but luckily services such as uber/lyft has changed the game for me. being be able to be pick up in an RV park on the beach with all my gear and just giving dropped off (without have to stress about parking and etc), made the job super easy from logistical point of view. i am guessing i may sign up for my work road trips in the future as it’s a great excuse to take the RV and then do a mini vacation afterwards. to be able to be unbounded from the office and work anywhere and not worry about renting rooms/etc is definitely freaking awesome. i love waking up next to the ocean and then going for a morning run before heading into work.