i’ve been to paris a number of times and although i love the city, i had never had the opportunity to visit any other french city until this year. a friend invited me to photograph her brother’s wedding and i jumped on the opportunity and got the chance to see 4 other cities besides paris in this 10 day trip. also, this was the first time i was visiting paris in the summer and it was unusually hot. still, i got the chance to run in the streets of paris so is always one of the small highlights when i visit foreign places. salome and i went to arles to check out the world famous photography festival there. getting to see a different part of france reminded me how much i love french culture. the staging of the photo festival here was also a wonderful charming surprise. i think one of the main lesson i got from seeing photography in these different venue contexts (such as a church or a industrial complex) impacts you impression on the work. which is to say the packaging manners. although i very enjoyed the variety of photographic work curated here, at the end of the day, there were two things that stuck in mind. one, i need to get off my ass to down my own project and two, do your big project and move on. i felt that there were a lot of great artists and just stretch their status to marginal projects after their big ones.