i am pretty sure there was a point in my life where i imagine having a successful business and living a balance healthy life. so how do i constantly remind myself that i am actually living that ‘dream’ state and stop pushing forward. i guess the nuance is that the forth monument isn’t the issue but it is how where you apply that development. as i ease pressure of one throttle to a different throttle, i find myself in sort of new terrority. there are plenty of successful business type models that the ego compares itself to but less so with more spiritually inclined. even though i know there are ‘plenty’ of models because i have been selective in brings those models into my frame of reference, it doesn’t permeate pop culture that the business models do. regardless, i struggle with fully believing in incorporating the ‘high’ road into my daily business practice. a part of me feels validate that my spirtual compass has led me to this level of material successful yet i still question that this sort of thinking will bring the business to the next level of sorts. somehow i feel with more spiritual intention such as requiring employees to volunteer during business hours will undermine what i have achieved. at best i am hoping that it will not one of the many reasons begins a downward spiral.