so i’ve been more vocal about setting boundaries with uma about what is acceptable behavior, especially in regards to my role as a parent. maybe i am simplifying too much but i am hoping it gets through her her head at this point that when you don’t listen to dad, there are big consequences. for the most part, i feel like i’ve been too lax with her and she’s getting away with behavior that i feel like i need to curtail now before it really gets out of hand. in particular, talking back and crying until she gets what she wants has been a regular occurrence. my main course of action these days is withholding the ‘my ipad’ as she claims and threat of time out and then pulling her ears! although i have skip time out more often and resorted to pulling her ears enough that she just cries, ‘don’t count!!’. i think it’s sort of registering but it’s not consistent behavior modification yet. and unfortunately, i realize that consistently comes from me not being consistent with her. sometimes i do let her get away with the whining and other times i buckle down. i am thinking that if i was more consistent with the discipling then i wouldn’t have to resort to ‘extreme’ measures. my saving grace at the moment is she recently told me that she loves me despite me ‘more’ even though i pull her ears.