since i’ve put the deposit down my the rv, still to be named but i got the domain already, i’ve been day dreaming about the RV lifestyle now and then. i almost can’t believe i pull the trigger on it but i think it’s the right choice over buying a house for me. i think about how much i love the great outdoors with all the physical things i enjoy doing and how much i love to get out of the city and it all makes sense that it would come to fruition. in some regard, i am viewing the RV lifestyle as a step towards semi retirement from ‘work’. i am hoping to find a creative outlet when i become more removed from the day to day operations of orange. i am feeling like some of the photo projects that have been brewing inside me for the past 10 years slowly getting some more mind share. i’ve been reading a few well done RV lifestyle blogs and i think about if this blog will become more of a travel blog at some point. probably not really. too much streams of wierdness for me to make generally accessible to random people! one of the travel blogs i did stumble on was about making a bucket list. i’ve haven’t been a big fan of the bucket list in life. but i am warming up to it more. i can see how the mechanical act like logging my yoga/runs is not unlike the mechanics of checking off the bucket list. i think the closest bucket list i can come up around the RV lifestyle for now is visiting as many buddhist centers as possible. i like the idea of cataloging the experience.