it’s been a long time since i’ve been a photography job. the month or so has been a blurry coding marathon. i am just plowing through it because this is the hardest part of it all. the tediously near interesting enough mindset that sucks my mind into a dark corner of isolation. it’s ironic how cold my daily interface and i wonder why i am not good around people. anyway, i caught myself enjoying the process of my job during a corporate holiday gig. granted i am using enjoying myself after a couple of drinks at these types of gigs but i am sober tonight and i was working with our esteem assistant. sometimes i wonder if she gets bored like we do at thes gig but then i look at the caters at these gigs and i know we’re counting our blessings. still, they get to spit in the food but we can make people look unpleasant if we should never needed a recourse.

i don’t know why i am going with this really but i think it has to do with her and the kind of culture that we’ll building at orange hq. it feels the beginning of something very special, for the first 2 years it was mostly just the 3 of us trucking away but in the past 6 months, we actually have employees and there’s a new culture that is forming around us. we’re grappling to plant the seeds of an interesting culture but it’s all very new and quite exciting. it’s a big responsiblity to create a culture because we have no one to blame if things suck. i guess i really like this part of our experience because it transcend monetary ocnsiderations in an endevaor such as business.

i overheard her talking to a close friend the other night about what she thought of work and i was quite happy to hear it. to hear sometime very postive the culture of ‘work’ made me happy because i feel like we found the right people so far to enjoy the kind of culture we would like to come in fruition. it willl be very interesting to see how it will shape in the future but i think the seeds are good.

but wasn’t this suppose to be about a portrait of a woman? well here she is. everything else was just foreplay.