it’s been a very long time since i’ve realize how much i’ve taken life for granted. all the amazing things in my life that i grown so accustom to because ‘god damn it’, i earned it. the fallacy that my sense of security is any bettter than others because it wasn’t given to me. like my higher states of rationalization makes me feel more secure about concepts inherently flawed. it’s not so much as an identity crisis but a kick in the guts that all i’ve accomplished is simply a shelter against the very concepts that i want to embrace. a great man once said that a country can’t called for peace while stockpiling arms of destruction. and no less the success of material life is a stockpile of false securities that will only more difficult to disarm. no there is no peace at the bottom of a glass or on a woman’s breast. drum roll please. thank matt johnson…

And have you ever wanted something so badly
that it possessed your body & your soul
through the night & through the day
until you finally get it!
And then you realise that it wasn’t what you wanted after all.
And then those selfsame sickly little thoughts
now go & attach themselves to something….
….or somebody….new!
And the whole goddamn thing starts all over again.
Well, I’ve been crushing the symptoms but I can’t locate the
Could God really be so cruel?
To give us feelings that could never be fulfilled. Baby!
I’ve got my sights set on you. I’ve got my sight set on you
And someday, someday, someday, you’ll come my way.
But when you put your arms around me
I’ll be looking over your shoulder for something new
’cause I ain’t ever found peace upon the breast of a girl
I ain’t ever found peace with the religion of the world
I ain’t ever found peace at the bottom of a glass
sometimes it seems the more I ask for the less I receive
sometimes it seems the more I ask for the less I receive
The only true freedom is freedom from the heart’s desires
& the only true happiness….this way lies.