i should be in bed but i just found a copy of eat, pray and love by elizabeth gilbert. I was reading the reviews on amazon and it’s mostly woman giving some great and not so great reviews. still, it intrigue me because i can’t help but wonder what kind of thoughts went through her mind while she was traveling in india. i can’t say my intentions are as grand with this trip as i had so little time to ‘think’ about it. on the eve of it all, after every thing was packed and all the digital materials were downloaded, i opened up pandora’s box and ask myself why i am doing this. this being enjoying the ride that samarasa has to offer and not doing what i ‘should’ be doing. burn the farm some say. good to the woods on the rv says others. it would seem that i had to force some hand because voluntarily it’s probably not going to happen fast any time soon. i am trying a little too hard to not have expectations about this trip. unfortunately, even the clarify of intention has escaped me. sure, i can just go with the obvious but it lacks the passion of saints. maybe the book will help with the inspiration but then that is expecting too much as well. i know for one thing though, i will do a lot of self indulgence things like run for miles and miles. meditation of hours and hours. eat exotic foods and all that stuff that selfish stuff that travelling alone affords you.