apparently, i am begining to look like the untidy french intellectual type that i’ve been dying to achieve since my paris trip. too bad i don’t have the smell or attitude to live up to the stereotype. maybe i can work on the smell part but it’s going to be a while become i can become as cynical as my english wanking buddy in montemarte.

naturally, all this reengineering is leading up to some sort of game where i am about as clueless as a teenager. but ironically that’s the charm that is getting me in trouble these days. it all started last august during a photo shoot for the show that we were putting together. it seems like an isolated incident enough at that point in time but i am getting an erriely feeling that it may be an reoccuring theme in my life here on out. so at this juncture, i am a bit baffled about how to deal with this game given my over intellectual tendancies. on one level, it’s easy to make conversation and go along with it all but there’s something deeper about this process that bugging the shit out of me. naturally, it’s about me than the evil forces that will try to snare me into the web of reproduction. once i figure out what’s the 2 second punch line with my ‘problem’, i will be sure to publish it all over the internet so that the evil forces shall never reign without fear.