The year in data

I started some data tracking this year in areas that i wanted to improve in. the business has been going through the exercise of tracking quite a bit and i wanted to just the same technique on my personal metrics. a bunch of these numbers are collated across different apps since i switch a few these years for tracking.

For fitness, i started with endomondo app and switch to strava mid year.
Running ~ 670 miles
Cycling ~ 181 miles
Mediation ~ 80 hours

I am going to have a modest goal of doubling everything next year!

big sur marathon

I am officially borderline scare about running tomorrow. it seems that my body is subtly telling me that i am not ‘ready’ to run it. first off, i feel at a 70% health level for various reasons. body is aching as if i am having the beginning of some fever. it may have to do with my run last yesterday as i got into carmel valley. great run but may have been more chilly than i admitted. then sleeping in a pretty cold cottage probably didn’t help. And the past week has been allergy hell. lastly, i am coughing like a wimp that has never run a mile. yeah, i am acting like a wimp before race day but compared to all the other ‘endurance’ challenges i’ve entered, running a marathon seems to be the more challenging in my mind. everything previous to this was on a bike and most of my life has been a bike junkie. and the concept of body injury is real here. on the bike, the worse is a sore neck, ass and thighs. being that my knee is not great and i am running ‘bare footed’, i am a bit worried to say the least. i should probably go to more workshops to learn more about when my body’s breaking point is but for some reason, i am playing ignorant this time around. suck it up and play that mental game that i play when i push myself.

running shirtless in the woods

is like being a born again human. there’s primal joy and connection that comes with running in the woods ‘barefoot’. i signed up for 18 mile trail run this november so i needed to pick up my training. just been averaging 4-6 miles on a regular basis near the home but it’s been a long time since i ran in the trails. i got myself some new vibram five fingers designed for trial running and it definitely lives up to it’s design. i was running on some gnarly loose dirt and steep hills and the traction of the shoots was awesome. normally i run in my new balance mimmus shoes, which is also barefoot style but not as hard core as the vibrams. as much as i love the new balance shoes, i have to admit the vibrams are better for strengthening the right muscles for barefoot running. i got the vibrams a few years ago but i got the road running style and although i did run a half marathon with them, once i tried out the new balance, i didn’t go back to the vibrams. I have ran with the new balance on the trails before and it’s good but not as good as the new vibrams for feeling the earth and connecting with my feet. undoubtedly, having ‘no support’ from these shoes have gave me a lot more confident in running because i had been prone to sprain ankles before these bare foot style shoes. there were numerous times i hit really uneven road on the run yesterday and i can tell my ankle/foot reaction much more naturally and avoided spraining my ankle. anyway, i am now beginning to have some fear/respect for the 18 mile trail run because with elevation changes/trails, it’s a whole different story. i actually walked over 15% of my run yesterday which i would never do if i was running in the streets. it’s amazing how much elevation can kick your ass. pain was good though, i knew it was growing my muscles!