a taste of meaning

i got the opportunity donate my photographic eye a domestic violence shelter in oakland the other day. i thought it was going to be really tough to stomache the situation because it’s actually ‘real life’ versus the all the fun shit i shoot all the time. as it turns out it was ‘fun’ because they use wanted me to take some pictures of the kids so that they can use the photography to get more funding. which is precisely the point of our ‘social photograph program’, we want to give orangizations that can’t usually offer kids like me. obviously, there are countless other pros that donate their time and service but i am glad that it’s systemic in place within our collective culture. shooting these things once a month is not always convienent and such but it does force you to remind yourself why you have such a policy in place. it’s all too easy to forget to donate your time when life is busy and you’re making bucks. anyway, as usual, i had a great time photographing these kids…










  1. hey gandhi, a couple points: how about increasing your awareness in the area of sentence structure? just consider the interpretive burden you pass onto your loyal fanbase — how buddhist is that? paragraphs would help out, too.

    some writers resort to proofreading aloud; it gets both parts of the brain communicating for those of us with weak corpora callosa. really.

    oh, and those dark grey comments on the marginally darker grey background may as well not be there. i’d suggest hot pink, but do i have to solve all your problems?

  2. dear cranky bastard,

    if i wanted to proof read and articulate in complete sentence strutures, i should be sober to care. It is the will of my ego to remind in a state of imperfection and non clarity to insure a proper amount of drop off in the so call fan base. Certainly, a mere 30 additional seconds of proof reading would insure proper communication but the message is in the improper. I will consider your comments as proof to continuance in the befuddlement of my readers.

    hey, thanks for the highland park a couple of nights ago. i owe you some french kissing.

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