portraits in the hills

it’s our pretty standard ritual that almost every weekend that uma is with me that we go hiking in the hills with jonsi. even after a year of going on the same route in the hills i still find so much solace and joy in the hike. even though it’s only 5 mins away from my home, it feels like we’re deep in the forest and the smell and softness of mother nature just takes over. anyway, this particular day, i decided the carry the x100s and had some fun with her. the light worked out just perfect and i’ve added a few more pages in the big book of uma’s childhood.

life as an artist

i went to an old friend’s birthday party last night and i hadn’t seen in probably at least 6 months. 4-6 months seems to be more normal cycle between seeing old friends. it was nice to see how productive he has been with his art work. there is something powerful about seeing your body of work overflowing in your studio. i couldn’t help think about my ‘body’ of work and because so much of my ‘work’ is not a visual object, i don’t think i get the same sense of satisfaction. of course it’s not about volume or the miles i’ve accumulated running, but the it’s nice to have milestone markers to keep that habit of creation going stronger. the more you practice, the more you want to practice to have that snowball effect. anyway, one day, i will get a piece of artwork from my various artistic friends.


i’ve been cleaning the blog for the last week since i’ve migrated to a new clean look. it’s been fun rereading a lot of the old entries and seeing my past through my own babble. it’s mostly so disjointed nonetheless still interesting as many times i would try to deconstruct what i was actually going through at that point in time. i remember intentionally writing in fairly vague terms without using specific names and too descriptive actual events for the protecting of the mention but in hindsight, it’s definitely baffling even to me. anyway, through all my entries in the past 5 years, there wasn’t a single post about “my” dog. the one that i got to name even though he wasn’t my favorite at the SCPA. anyway, he was more or less officially mine after the divorce and i m very glad i got him. he’s the constant that i didn’t realize how much i was grateful for in during the dark period during the divorce. between him and uma in my life, i feel pretty ‘complete’ most of the days. well, let’s not exaggerate there but compared to the loneliness of the early 30’s, these days seem plenty fill with love and care. caring for something or someone does really help with shifting away from all the all consuming addiction of the ego to serving itself. as for this particular dog name jonsi. he couldn’t be more the archetypal loyal dog. almost annoying loyal where he is pretty following me everywhere in the house, even the bathroom. i decided recently that i want him to live as long as possible and that require cutting about 10 dogs off him. i am proud to say that after 115 miles in 90 days, he shaved off a few pounds and people do notice. i don’t think he will ever run long distances with me but if he jogs with me around my regular route in the oakland hills, i will be very happy that he will live a richer and longer live.


eat with

my social life has been pretty boring these past several years. everyone either has kids already or they never will and i sit in the middle of those two opposites. not really feeling truly at home with either social social circles. anyway, i ‘randomly’ stumble on this new dot com where you pay to eat at the home of a semi pro home chef. it was something out of the ordinary for me so i thought i was just stepping into a dinner with a bunch of dot com kids with too much money. well, turns out it was the host’s birthday and we ask me to stop taking photos at some point. and my life is no exciting because of it.

xmas pictures

made more of an effort to photograph her this holiday. sometimes i feel like the more the photograph her, i can slow down childhood somehow because we’re both enjoying it so much.