Death Valley Spring Break

i know i’ve been to death valley along time ago but to be honest, this time around, I got to appreciate it on a whole new level. Of course, my feelings around death valley on this trip reminded me of my internal journey in death valley a few years ago in my vision quest. By the end of the trip, the energy of the desert had grown on my considerably. there is something magical about the vast expanse and stillness of the desert. there were times when i am reminded of being at burning man when you wait out the harsh sun and life begins to pick up after dusk. interesting enough, death valley is over 90% wilderness, which means with a simple backcountry permit, you have access to a vast landscape where you can camp anywhere. i told uma and best friend from school on the trip and in general, they weren’t too fond of the greatness of the desert but i hope the experience sinks into their subconscious some how!

End not staying in death valley for an entire week as refrigeration in the RV was in effective! Unfortunately, we were ill prepared when we left death valley for the chillness of 8000 plus elevation! Still, we were rewarded for our effort to endure with one of the most amazing undeveloped hot springs in california! Just glad that I have at least a few more years to enough all the natural beauty that california offers!

thoughts from the mountain

enjoying a weekend at sierra hot springs by myself and taking the the chance to get more clarity on things. granted, even these solo therapeutic solo adventures are filled with things to do. it’s quite easy for us humans to fill out days with busyness and i think back about my time in the desert on the vision quest. it was definitely one of the few times in my life where i had to face the darkness and pain of my soul and wasn’t constantly distracted by activities. to be honest, i didn’t even do a very good job in terms of really removing as many distractions as i could. luckily, the fact that i was fasting made the difference in not actually being able to do much. and so i question how much ‘processing’ i am going to do this weekend. between running, soaking, cooking and shit, maybe a solid 30 minutes of processing. still, it is breaking away from the routine of every day life and the more time i spend in nature, the more it’s feeding my soul. one noticeable shift in my perception is all the last comparison analysis i do while i am in nature and disconnected from the internet. although i don’t regularly compare myself, i still feel the negative impact of all the social media feeds. there is such a nice relief when i don’t see that. maybe one thing i can do is a weekly digital detox. no internet on sundays. anyway, going back to the primary point of getting away. i am stuck in my habits again and i need to set some new goals around relationship building next year. although the temptation to start another ‘business’ is becoming more powerful, it doesn’t quite feel ‘right’. i do need something to pull me next year. i feel like i am being push by ‘work’ and although there is a pull, the push of financial failure leaves a bad taste in my mouth. what is the pull of my spiritual development? yeah, i suspect my spiritual pull is being hinder by my original wound of sorts. we will see how the energy healing goes tomorrow!

had a bathroom epiphany this morning. the idea of combining my probe into my subconscious with a visual diary. the construct of the intention of understanding my original wound and the visual manifestation of the healing process. i suspect much of my original wound is unlike many people. our separation from our original nature, separation from nature, from loved ones. the question becomes what is my own expression for that look like. war, water, breathe, loneliness. these are my dark places. movement, nature, helping others, acceptance are the themes of healing.

the parents

probably one of my least favorite subjects to think about. in my teenage years i blame them for the bulk of the misery i felt. in my twenties, the fruition of abandonment came to being but i wasn’t too angry about it. it continued to perpetuate into my thirties and only during my marriage ceremony with neither of them there did the loss come to physical form. and then i visited the lost child during my vision quest and i know there is still work to be done in this area. i think about my original contract, my original wound and i can’t help but to feel and know that this is the root of my shadow work and healing process. i know it’s not a particularly novel issue as i suspect most of feel experience it on some degree. now my journey of trusting the world comes into full conciousness. as i interact with my parents more in the past 10 years, i know is’t a bit odd how unemotionally detached we are around each other. the funniest irony is that we’re all hard core buddhist in our own ways and we fine with her our karma is playing out between all of us. as phyiscal parents, i don’t feel particularly grateful towards them but as celestrial parents, they as good as it gets. so begets this awkward sensation of not giving a shit that we are awkward parents and i am the awkward and proud offspring. i have my mom intense work ethnic and my dad’s laid back attitude. it seems to make for a pretty balance lifestyle i suspect. to be honest, i suspect my daughter will have a similar penchant. she choose as much as i chosen to be born in a household of seekers.

molasses of inertia

i am really feeling the landscape of my island these days. even though my vision quest had shone a spotlight in this glaring part of my life, i am still feeling pretty stuck in my habitual patterns of being not particularly social. i am using my fatherhood/work is very challenging excuse to have a very low dosage of social interactions and there are times that it becomes slightly embarrassing. of course, i’ve surround myself by mostly very busy/non family oriented people as well. undoubtedly, i don’t need a lot of friends. just a few good ones that would venture deep and long into the wilderness with me. as much i have been explicit about my desire to be in an intimate relationship, i find myself generally unexcited by what’s out there. granted given my very limited social interactions and half ass attempts at online dating, it’s not hard for me be slightly disappointed with my results. unfortunately or fortunately, i find that i am not that all unhappy with my lonesome state of being. i could easily be in a relationship but being in an inspiring one, well, i am on the waitlist for that. even more so, i can’t seem to shake this dreadful feeling that i’ve been through it all before. in this life time and many others. all this conflicting thoughts invariably has put me in an state of inertia. i think i need a new dream. this cultural dream of success and etc is a stepping stone i need to get off. to take another leap beyond my comfort zones of material and stress free live style. there is a seed is germinating about a brave new venture with people with similar caliber and passion.

in the black hole of work

the past year and especially the last 6 months has been the most challenging for orange in a long time. i am sure the external forces has some bearing but i can’t help but feel the bulk of the failure. undoubtedly, this great failure while I am trying to take the business/myself to the next level has been a great learning experience. even though i feel like i am working smarter and focusing on the ‘right’ things, it’s still an awkward phase as i plant new seeds. it’s been a long time since i’ve felt so financially stretch with the company and although i am not too worry about it, it still sits in the back of my mind. taking out such a significant loan because i believe in what i am doing is ‘right’. like i said, it’s been long time since i had to my money where my believe is. for the last 5-7 years, we’ve coasted and although never really profitable, we weren’t so financially stretch. even with a smaller team and less overhead, the mountain of credit card debt and loans is hitting the upper end of my comfort zone. i keep telling myself that it will all turnaround 18 months to 2 years as the team grows to the next level. sadly, i am not sure i anyone else quite believes. it’s been a lonely experience to say the least as i chugged along in my mixed lighting studio space. my man cave isn’t quite as comfortable as i would like but i quite enjoy having the space to myself. yes, alot of alone time these days as i am half ass about the whole dating thing. i need to figure out some greater mission to fill my heart with. as much as i enjoy working on orange, it’s been too lonely for me to commit my heart into it. without a greater pull, orange becomes the default habit that i fall into. as i toil away on these lonesome nights, i can’t help by question to what end. who will really care? i would like to believe that ‘my’ employees care but that’s not the vibe that i am getting at all. yes, i need some serious deep thought into the nature of my frustration.