Went to another one of the thousand trail places in the sierra foothills. i wish my action camera was working correctly because i went on pretty awesome single track with the mountain bike. at the end of the day, just got a bunch of cute photos of these deers that came to our campsite for evening feedings.

Russian River

As part of my RV lifestyle exploration, i purchased a membership to Thousand Trails, a private membership camp/RV company. Basically, for $500 a year, you can visit these sites as often as you like as long as you don’t stay too long in one site. Considering how difficult it has been in the past to secure campsites for popular sites, this option was great because 9 out of 10 time when i tried to book a site last minute, i was able to get something. It’s a first come first serve basis so you can basically move around if you don’t get a site you didn’t like the first night when other sites open up. So, in the past month, i got the chance to visit 3 of these places and for the most part, they’re nice. nothing too exciting in terms of location and i pretty used the site as base location and go out on excursions from there. I went to the russian river site a few weeks ago and it location sucked because it was like right under a freeway ad there was barely any water in the river! Still, i had a great time checking out Johnson’s Beach in Guerniville and the redwoods in Armstrong State park.

first rv trip

the inaugural RV trip took place about a week after i picked up the RV from davis. for the most part, it was more of a test drive as we made no reservations and just winged the 3 days trip. i am usually game for spontaneity and no having set plans but because RV parks range from sardine style parking to ‘luxury’ style resorts, you have to be careful where you roll into. when you’re camping, it’s a given that you’re roughing it with other campers but with the RV, the other RV’ers can be very different from you.


In hindsight, my trip to Yellowstone wasn’t probably the best idea for a number of reasons. Primarily, driving 2K miles within 6 days meant more driving than anything else. Also, uma wasn’t particularly fond of the the beauty that is yellowstone. I am definitely planning on visiting it again but will have to wait until the kid can hike at last 5-8 miles! even got to check out the town of big sky montana and i can see why people want to retire in places like this. Nature is just so pristine here.

RV research

since i’ve put the deposit down my the rv, still to be named but i got the domain already, i’ve been day dreaming about the RV lifestyle now and then. i almost can’t believe i pull the trigger on it but i think it’s the right choice over buying a house for me. i think about how much i love the great outdoors with all the physical things i enjoy doing and how much i love to get out of the city and it all makes sense that it would come to fruition. in some regard, i am viewing the RV lifestyle as a step towards semi retirement from ‘work’. i am hoping to find a creative outlet when i become more removed from the day to day operations of orange. i am feeling like some of the photo projects that have been brewing inside me for the past 10 years slowly getting some more mind share. i’ve been reading a few well done RV lifestyle blogs and i think about if this blog will become more of a travel blog at some point. probably not really. too much streams of wierdness for me to make generally accessible to random people! one of the travel blogs i did stumble on was about making a bucket list. i’ve haven’t been a big fan of the bucket list in life. but i am warming up to it more. i can see how the mechanical act like logging my yoga/runs is not unlike the mechanics of checking off the bucket list. i think the closest bucket list i can come up around the RV lifestyle for now is visiting as many buddhist centers as possible. i like the idea of cataloging the experience.